Magic Kingdom – Adventureland

As you set foot through the arch into Adventureland, the music will probably be beating drums, look over to your right as there is often a character opportunity.  The next thing you will see is one of my favourite edible treats in WDW – the pineapple swirl ice-cream and freshly squeezed pineapple juice – lush.  Opposite the Aloha juice station is the Swiss Family Treehouse which is a treehouse inspired by the film Swiss Family Robinson.  It is a walk through attraction, so you have to walk up 6 stories!   The next rides in Adventureland are the Magic carpets of Aladdin – watch out for the spitting camel and opposite this the Jungle Cruise.  The Magic carpets ride is the same as Dumbo really – same ride, different theme – our niece loves it as she can control us going up and down – generally I feel a little sick by the time we get down.  Jungle Cruise is not for those who want to see amazing (or even life-like) wildlife but if you want a giggle and have time in your schedule, it’s a breezy ride – this is a fast pass ride so if it is busy get a fast pass and come back later.  Then there is one of my favourite attractions (yes really!) – The enchanted Tiki rooms – I really honestly love it, I always am tapping my feet and when it is baking hot midday it is a lovely retreat from the heat.  The final attraction in Adventureland is my hubby’s favourite (I’m quite a fan of it too) – The Pirates of the Caribbean – Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me – great ride, quite long too again a plus in that midday heat, topped off with the Johnny Depp influence – it’s a win win.

Sometimes we have taken to eating some tea in Adventureland and watched the fireworks from here, away from the crowds – you won’t see the whole show but you will see the fireworks and won’t get squashed!

Love it – can’t wait to return to #magic kingdom


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