Magic Kingdom – Frontierland

As you move on from Adventureland you come upon Frontierland.  Firstly you will see Splash Mountain – a water log ride which seats 8.  It is a fun ride with quite a lot of animatronics figures – it takes 10 mins unless you get stuck like me and my friend Kathryn did once when we repeatedly heard “remain in the log and prepare for motion” – however, it didn’t put me off, I’ve been on since.  The best bit of the ride is the 5 storey plunge – if you are at the front you will get soaked.  A good one for the Summer months, fast passes can go quickly so you might want to get a pass and come back later.

The Frontierland station is right next door if you are ready to take a turn of the parks or have tired feet and want to ride to another part of the park.

Then Big Thunder Mountain – probably my favourite Disney ride ever.  It’s great during the day but even more thrilling at night and if you can get on the ride just as the fireworks start it is awesome.  Get a fast pass and come back to ride it again later.

From here you can get a raft ride over to Tom Sawyer Island, gives the kids a chance to let off steam while you can find a nice rocking chair and a glass of lemonade or an ice cream and relax for 5 mins.

There aren’t are more rides in Frontierland, there is the Country Bear Jamboree – I went once, once was enough and then there is the Shootin’ Arcade but you have to pay extra for that .

The parades come through Frontierland so if you are not careful with your timing you can get ‘trapped’ up by Splash and Thunder Mountain while the parades go through.


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