Magic Kingdom – Liberty Square

Moving on from Frontierland you come to Liberty Square – home of the Riverboat landing for a very leisurely easy ride around Tom Sawyer Island.  Very popular with our parents when we go – it is a 15 min respite from the sunshine!  Just near the dock there are some stocks in the square – extremely popular photo opportunity and then onwards to the Haunted Mansion.

The Haunted Mansion doesn’t usually have a long queue (or line if you are American) as the ride is constantly running.  Your doom buggy can take 2 adults +/- 1 child.  It is an entertaining and amusing ride, extremely well themed and loads to take in.  It is quite odd going into somewhere so dark after the blazing Florida sun.  The holographic effects have recently been updated and kids simply love the end of the ride, however, I won’t be the spoiler in case you have never done the ride.  It is one of our recommended rides – a must do.

As you exit the Haunted Mansion you will see the Hall of Presidents which holds models of all the US presidents.  It lasts approx 20 minute and is a stage show featuring every American president, past and present.  It’s not for everyone and possibly as a tourist it doesn’t hold the same allure as it does for residents.

Finally in Liberty Square you will find the Liberty Tree Tavern which is a full service restaurant featuring character visits from Minnie, Pluto, Goofy etc.  Our godchildren loved their meal here and we have some fantastic photos of them with Chip and Dale, if time and budget allow you might want to consider it to break up the day.


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