Magic Kingdom – Fantasyland

Just through from Liberty Square you will see Fantasyland and one of your first rides will be Its a Small World.  This is an iconic Disney ride – suitable for the whole family – with an extremely annoying can’t get it out of your head song.  Small children generally love it, a boat ride takes you through the continents of the world which are depicted with dolls that sing and dance.  My hubby loves a sneaky power nap while we ride round the world, while my mother-in-law loves to sing along to an entirely different and unrecognisable tune.

Opposite It’s a Small World is Peter Pan’s Flight – you take flight in a ship through the Darling’s home, over the London night skyline, then on to see the Mermaids, Indians and then on to Captain Hook’s ship.  We love this ride, however the queues are often very long and the ride itself is quite short.  It is a fastpass ride, so get a fastpass and skip the queue.

Next it’s round to Mickey’s Philharmagic which is a 3D movie starring Mickey Mouse and my favourite character – Donald Duck.  It is indoors, nice and cool, popular with children but can be really loud which does seem to scare some of the smaller children.  Worth a visit.

In the middle of Fantasyland there is the beautiful carousel – usually small queues as it can take a lot of riders – a popular trip down memory lane.  From here you can go across to Snow White’s scary adventure – a little bit dated compared to a lot of the rides, if there’s no queue ride it, if there is I would keep on moving.  You will also find Dumbo the flying elephant – just like Aladdin’s carpets and Astro Orbiter – different theme, kids love it and can again manage whether you fly high or low so prepare to feel sick!

Ariel’s grotto is a walk through attraction where you can meet Ariel!  Not much more you can say about that.

The many adventures of Winnie the Pooh has just been updated and the queuing area is now nearly as entertaining as the ride itself – plenty to keep the kids (and us) occupied while you queue.  It is a fastpass ride though so you don’t have to queue if you don’t want to.  The wonderful thing about tiggers?  You’ll have to ride and find out.  A must do for me.

Then on to the Mad Tea Party – spin yourselves silly in brightly coloured teacups.

Fantasyland is usually best visited first thing in the morning or later in the evening.  It has rides for the very young so it is extremely busy while the kids are up – when the younger children have gone home to bed (often after the fireworks) Fantasyland queues are definitely quieter.



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