Magic Kingdom – Tomorrowland

So we have arrived at the final land around the central hub in Magic Kingdom – for me the best land.  In Tomorrowland you will find Space Mountain – recently renovated to make it slightly less shaky!  It is the most daring ride in the Magic Kingdom, in the dark and quite fast. The rockets are designed so you sit single file with up to 6 in one rocket.  I tried to get my Dad to sit in the front car saying it had more space for his legs but he wasn’t that gullible.  My parents had never been to the Magic Kingdom before so we took them straight to Space Mountain before they could change their minds.  My Dad was hysterical when he got off he said “a very violent ride – I was thinking as we went round what would happen if you wanted to get off?”.  Fast pass it and ride it more than once.  Near the entrance/exit you will see the Carousel of Progress – apparently this attraction is some kind of tradition that visitors do not want to be closed down – we visited it once on our first trip and have never felt the need to repeat it.

One ride I would repeat time and time again is the Tomorrowland Transit – it is just a basic ride, scooting round Tomorrowland, taking you inside Space Mountain with views of the ride itself and views of Buzz Lightyear – quite why I love this ride so much I really can’t tell you or explain I just do.

At the bottom of the entrance to the Transit you will see the queue for the Astro Orbiter – again a ride like Aladdin’s carpets/Dumbo just with great views of the park.

On to Buzz Lightyear – a great family favourite – you get guns to zap Emperor  Zurg and at the end you find out who has won and what grade of space cadet you are.  Fast passes available – I love it but I can never seem to beat my hubbie.

3 more attractions – Tomorrowland Indy Speedway – this is popular with young children as they get the opportunity to ‘drive’ round the circuit at a heady speed of 7mph.  Usually has long queues, I hate it because it always stinks of exhaust fumes.

On the way out of Tomorrowland back to the central hub you will see Stitch’s Great Escape – can be scary for children because there are times when you are plunged into darkness during the show.  Opposite Stitch’s Great Escape you have the Monster’s Inc Laugh in.  This is an amusing show which has audience participation whether you want to or not!  Random audience members are selected to take part.  My father in law was very confused to see himself on-screen.

The final mention for Tomorrowland is the Noodle Station – not always open, usually only during peak times/holiday seasons – if it is try it because it is some of the nicest, healthiest theme park food we have had.  Noodles or rice with lean beef, vegetables or chicken – our food recommendation for the Magic Kingdom.


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