Bok Tower Gardens

Today is Winter Dog Day at Bok Tower Gardens and if we lived in Florida we would definitely be attending.

Bok Tower Gardens are truly a ‘must see’ attraction – it’s natural Florida and because of that you never know what you will see apart from you definitely won’t see any queues!  The experience changes with the seasons and the weather.  We have been in December and seen all the citrus trees in fruit, in September and seen loads of squirrels, February and seen lovely blooms.  We’ve seen magnolias in full bloom, loads of ferns, palms and the oaks with the Spanish Moss hanging down.  I think it is the highest point in Florida and you can see for miles. The view from the outlook is stunning and from just behind the tower you can watch the thunderstorm rolling in!  We have also seen all sorts of wildlife at Bok – lots of squirrels and different birds, frogs, different snakes, butterflies, gopher tortoise, lizards, spiders in tops of the trees.

A couple of our favourite places to visit in the Gardens are the “Window by the Pond” which is a small shed like building that has benches in it that face a huge window onto a pond!  You never know what you might see, but there is a guest book in the building where you and others can record what you have seen.  We also love to visit the Koi pond in front of the Tower – there is even fish food that you can buy for a quarter – a lovely way to spend a quarter of an hour.

The tower itself is called a Singing Tower as it houses a carillon (bells) which plays 2 concerts a day at 1pm and 3pm.  There are lots of benches all around the gardens so you can just sit and relax and enjoy the concerts if you wish to.

Bok is a place for everyone!  As well as the gardens and the tower there is also a Pine Ridge Trail – taking this gives you a greater opportunity to see the tortoises.  You can also tour the Pinewood Estate, it is an additional cost but very very popular at Christmas.

Finally from me on Bok – visit the gift shop and consider having your lunch – it is really great fresh food – soups, wraps, salads, beer battered chips, onion rings and there are ice creams available.

Situated off the US27, visit for more information.


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