Chalet Suzanne

Just along the US27 from Bok Tower there is a hidden gem called #Chalet Suzanne.  Chalet Suzanne is an Inn which has 26 guest rooms.  When you pull up you realise straight away that it is very different from anywhere else you have been in the Orlando area.  It is all pastel colours and European in feel.  We haven’t had the pleasure to stay overnight but we have had the pleasure of eating here which is possibly what most tourists will know it for most.

Famous for its Moon soup – Chalet Suzanne has its own soup cannery – soup made out of Romaine Lettuce maybe doesn’t sound too appetising but try it and your mind will be changed.  The restaurant is actually a series of rooms on different levels, all looking out onto the lake.  It has a really eclectic feel with deliberately mismatching crockery and glass ware.  It’s just unique and a great contrast to anywhere else.  The food is absolutely fresh and delicious.  Last time we went I actually ordered the famous chicken salad, but unfortunately the last serving has just been taken by another table so I had a burger but I swear it is the best burger I have ever had and when I told our server she simply said “yes, I’ve heard that a lot”

Chalet Suzanne also has an airstrip so you can literally fly in for lunch, dinner or an overnight stay!

Visit for more info.



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