Boggy Creek Airboats

Something that we like to do when we are in Florida is to go on an airboat – not much call for them in Yorkshire!  We have been several times with Boggy Creek airboats.  Even if you don’t see any wildlife you will have a great time.  We have always seen wildlife – alligators, herons, bald eagles, other birds and turtles.  The best time to see alligators is early in the morning (before 10:00 AM) during hot weather and later in the day in the cold.

We have always been on the half hour airboat tour which takes up to 17 passengers.  We have never booked in advance and have always found coupons to get money off either online or in the coupon books which are widely available in local hotels, restaurants and supermarkets.  You are provided with ear covers which you will need as it is extremely noisy.  You are whisked across the surface of the water at speeds up to 45 mph.

To get there take Poinciana Blvd off the US192 – it is 19 miles to the end of the road, you will see some real Florida on the way and may well see other wildlife like deer, armadillos, raccoons on your way there.

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