Celebration, Florida

Last night I blogged specifically about D’Antonios in Celebration so tonight I thought I would tell you more about Celebration itself.  Just off the US192, Celebration was created by Disney, it is designed to capture the American ideal of community.  It has it’s fans and it’s critics – we absolutely love to visit it.  It has a friendly small town feeling, it has some lovely architecture including an art deco style cinema.  Celebration has some lovely shops, including a jewellers, a great card/gift shop, clothes shops, sweetie shops, an absolutely fabulous Kilwin’s ice-cream parlour and a Woof gang bakery!   Celebration also has a post office.

I have to give a special mention to Soft as a Grape on Market street too – last September when we were visiting I managed to leave my purse with all my credit cards and currency in the shop, I didn’t realise until I was in the Supermarket and couldn’t pay, on returning to the shop my purse was safely returned fully intact.

Also on Market Street is the Imperium Food & Wine – again, a favourite stopping place for a seat in the sun and a perfectly chilled beer or glass of wine (fantastic selection)

The main thing that keeps us coming back though is the love walkways round the series of lakes, taking a leisurely stroll and spotting wildlife – we’ve seen all types of birds including birds of prey, herons and ibis, lots of turtles, alligators both in and out of the water, raccoons, wild pigs, small deer, massive crickets and lots of squirrels!  There are rocking chairs and benches so you can sit and relax and watch the world go by, the sun set, the fishermen and the kids diving in and out of the fountains as they try to cool off.

So possibly it’s like marmite – love it or hate it, however, unlike marmite I have never met anyone who said they hated it and certainly all our friends and family have loved it and always want to return.


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