Epcot is a great Disney theme park – to my mind more of a park for adults, that said all the kids we have visited it with have also loved it.  Epcot is split into 2 ‘worlds’ – Future World and the World Showcase.

Future World opens first thing at park opening, World Showcase 2 hours later at 11am.  Future World houses the big golf ball – the iconic symbol of Epcot.  It looks great outside and inside hosts a spaceship earth ride.  You travel in time capsules and journey through time.  The ride lasts 15 mins, rarely has long queues as it has continuous boarding and does have an element of  personalisation which children and adults alike love.  However, don’t stop here first – the first place you should head when entering the park is Soarin’ – Soarin is based in the Land.  It has fast passes and at peak times you could find that your fast pass is for last thing in the afternoon even if you head here first.  If there isn’t a queue still get a fast pass and then ride – then you can go again later if you want.  Also in the Land is the Living with the Land boat ride which we find fascinating, you travel through greenhouses – it sounds boring and yet we love it.  Finally in the Land there is The Circle of Life film – for me you can skip this as there is so much else to do, there is also a place to eat here however, we ate here once and would not repeat it there are way better places in Epcot to eat.

The Living Seas pavilion hosts a Finding Nemo ride where you board clamobiles to view real life fish plus characters from the Nemo film.  Also in the Livings Seas is Turtle Talk with Crush which is a live interactive 15-minute show.    There is a great restaurant in the Living Seas called The Coral Reef – specialising in Fish, which is a little strange when you are watching all the fish swim around in the living coral reef (including sharks).

Moving on round to the Imagination pavilion, the first thing you see are the striking glass pyramids which have water snakes dancing outside.  The pyramids are home to Captain EO starring Michael Jackson; and Journey Into Imagination With Figment – which is a sensory experience and quite difficult to get the tune out of your head afterwards.

Finally head over to Mission Space and Test Track.  Both of these rides have fast passes available.  When Mission Space first opened at Epcot it was making quite a few people travel sick.  I was visiting with my parents and husband and my Dad and I decided not to ride, he went to the restrooms and reported back that there were several men being ill!!  Since then Disney have given riders the option of having the full experience and a less ‘intensive’ option which I have since ridden.  My niece likes this ride because you all get a role e.g. navigator with certain responsibilities to fulfil during the journey.  Finally Test Track – simply I love it, there is nothing that unexpected in this ride, you test drive a car – the cars take 6 riders, it is a very popular ride but you do have a single rider option which my husband and I often take.   You do get to ride at 60 mph, the best part of the ride is when you go outside – ladies – you will need to brush your hair afterwards.

Character opportunities in Epcot – inside and in the air con!  Time it right and you might not even have to queue too much.  There is also a great ice cream parlour.  Fantastic shopping opportunities in the Mouse Gear shop and you also have to visit Club Cool where you can try free tasters of coca cola from around the world.

I’ll save the World Showcase for tomorrow.


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