Epcot – World Showcase

World showcase opens from 11am – you can walk all the way round or you can get a boat across the lake.  If you turn left you will come to Mexico where you can go inside the Aztec pyramid featuring a lively marketplace, the lagoon-side historic restaurant San Angel Inn and a relaxing boat ride on the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros. The boat ride goes through the pyramid – it’s a bit like a Mexican small world with cartoon Donald Duck and his friends Panchito and Jose Carioca.

The Norway Pavillion is next which hosts another boat ride called Maelstrom.  This is a voyage on a high-seas Viking ship from modern-day to historic Norway. It features trolls, polar bears and pirates.  There is a film show after the ride but you can walk straight through, you don’t have to stop.  You will then be guided through the Norwegian shop in the usual Disney style to try to coax you to spend some dollars!

The China Pavillion actually has a great shop.  There is a temple of heaven, tomb sculptures, beautiful gardens and ponds with plenty of benches around to sit and catch some shade or sun.  There is a 360-degree film, Reflections of China.  My husband’s favourite part of China is the food there is a restaurant and a fast food outlet.  My niece had a great photo opportunity here with Mulan.

Germany has an old-world village which could come straight out of a fairy tale.  There is a Bavarian clock tower, a statue of St. George slaying a dragon, oom-pah music and performers, and quaint shops selling steins and trinkets.  One of the boat stops is at Germany.

Italy comes next – one of my favourite countries.  There is nothing nicer than a glass of perfectly chilled prosecco, you can also get genuine luscious gelato.  There are shops, a St Marks square and a really great Italian pizzeria style restaurant.

Next is the American Adventure – a really impressive building with a fountain out front.  There is a show which has animatronic figures and goes back 200 years, I’ve only managed to sit through it once.

After America you come to Japan.  A red Torii gate greets you at the waterfront before you explore a pagoda.  Japan has a lovely shop, selling amongst other things Mikimoto jewellery.  You can watch Japanese drumming and storytelling, watch chefs prepare meals, shop and take in the tranquil scenery.  There is even a Koi pond –  a lovely stop around the world.

Morocco has a Moroccan marketplace, lovely scenery, great food especially for vegetarians.  There are opportunities to meet Aladdin and Yasmin.

The Eiffel tower stands proud in France.  Again great architecture, character opportunities with cats from the Aristocats, there is a patisserie, a cinema showing a film of France and a fabulous French restaurant.  There is also a cheeky little champagne or a french crepe!

Next is my home country – the United Kingdom, featuring Elizabethan architecture, the Rose and Crown pub, traditional English gardens where a Beatles tribute band play, character opportunities to meet Mary Poppins and a Yorkshire fish and chip shop.

Last but not least (or first if you walk the other way round) is Canada.  Canada has gardens, another 360-degree film called O Canada (with an annoying theme tune) and buildings based on some of the big railroad hotels.  There is also a Scottish/Canadian band that play live at advertised show times.  One of our best days at Epcot was on Canada Day when the Canadians definitely showed us how to celebrate!!

At the end of the day there is an absolutely showstopping firework display called Illuminations: Reflections of Earth.  Definitely worth waiting for.





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