Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

Adjacent to Kennedy Space Center you will find Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.  You are likely to see a number of birds, especially in the early Spring.  When we visited in the Winter we still saw egrets, herons, osprey, spoonbills and bald eagles.  We took the 7 mile one-way Black Point Wildlife Drive which takes you along through salt and freshwater marshes.  The 7 mile drive has numbered stops along the way which correspond to numbered paragraphs in a leaflet you can pick up at the visitor center.  When we visited it was ‘off’ season which meant that we saw more wildlife as it is cooler and an added bonus was that there were no mosquitos.  We saw snakes wiggle across the road in front of us, lots of birds including rosette spoonbills and alligators.

There is a visitor center east of Titusville on SR402 which has some wildlife displays, educational resources, fishing information and trail maps.

Well worth a visit.  to find out more.


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