UCF Knights – Football

In November 2009 we travelled to Florida with our godchildren and our godson Josh was studying American sports as part of his physical education qualification.  We took him to see Orlando Magic Basketball which we all loved and he was really keen to try and see some american football.  Having scanned the internet for available matches to correspond with our dates of travel we were able to get tickets to see the UCF Knights.  What a brilliant time we all had.

For those of us from the UK just arriving at the game was eventful – there were open backed vans with BBQs on the go, in the car park!  The walking route across campus was full of students and fans who had set up gazebos with tvs, beers and more BBQs.  We were blown away when we came across the band practising outside the ground, free mardi gras style necklaces and posters.  We wanted the full sporting experience so we had hot dogs and freshly squeezed lemonade.  It was an extremely hot day even though it was November.  The bleachers were full of fans.  We had a great view of the cheerleaders.  We soon got into the lingo and the chanting and loved the mascots having ‘fights’ on the sidelines.  We also met UCF Knightro!

We just had a brilliant afternoon, we couldn’t believe how long the actual game took – fantastic value for money.  Even better they won. We stopped at the shop on the way home to buy souvenirs.  They have a little bit of our hearts and they are our adopted Football team in our second home.

http://www.ucfathletics.com/ see what’s on when you visit Florida and don’t be afraid to try something new, it’s a great experience


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