Sweet Tomatoes

A new addition to our dining options last time we visited as a new Sweet Tomatoes had just opened at Rolling Oaks, Kissimmee.  I had read that it was a good option for Vegetarians and as hubby is a Veggie we thought we would give it a try.

We weren’t disappointed, it was so nice to be faced with all these healthy, green, fresh salad items to choose from – we both got a big plate of salad with greens, corn, beetroot, seeds, olives etc.  We were then spoiled for choice with up to 8 different varieties of freshly made soups – not all vegetarian but clearly labelled what was and what wasn’t.  A choice of freshly made breads to go with it.  Jacket potatoes.  There was also a far array of drinks to choose from – many non fizzy which made a refreshing change.   I was also delighted to see some freshly made chocolate muffins with whippy yoghurt ice-cream and a selection of sauces.  Absolutely delicious.  We did return again before we flew home and I have since signed up to get there voucher/coupon deals sent to my email – ready for our next visit.

Definitely a recommendation from us – a veggie & a non veggie.  Visit http://www.souplantation.com for more information.


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