Universal Studios, Orlando

Universal Studios is the best movie studios park on offer in my opinion.  There are some great rides, good shows and attractions that really show you some of the tricks of the trade and some offering  you the opportunity to be the star!

Even before you enter the park you have the opportunity to have your photo taken in front of the iconic Universal Globe and then often a character opportunity – we have seen Dora the Explorer and the Simpsons for autographs and photos here.

After you have passed through the entrance gates you have a few options of which way to go, we usually head straight towards Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit to avoid the queues that build up during the day.  This roller coaster allows you to pick your own music to ride to and if you are a serious coaster nut you can also buy the film of your own ride!  Don’t be fooled watching the ride – it looks quite gentle and slow – the reality is that it is a very smooth, fast ride with quite a scary start where you are convinced that you may fall out of the car!

Very nearby you have the Shrek 4D show – a really good show, very amusing and with hidden adult humour as well – entertaining for the whole family.  Also on exit there is an opportunity to have photos with Shrek and Donkey – more humour – I love Donkey!

Moving on you’ll come to Twister (ok but don’t queue for ages!) and then Revenge of the Mummy.  You can’t take any carry on to this ride, you need to use the free lockers to store your goods.  This is a good ride – popular with all our family – I personally am happy to avoid the ride and just stay outside enjoying the Egyptians!

Just near here there is also a Baskin Robbins ice-cream parlour – a good bribe for children too young to ride!

Next you will come to Disaster – a show/attraction/ride – members of the audience are chosen to take parts in different demonstrations before the big finale ride.

Next you will come to Jaws – one of my hubby’s favourites.  The narrator on your journey is very well versed and it is quite amusing – you will probably get wet though.

Just over the bridge you come to possibly my favourite ride in Orlando – Men in Black, Alien attack – I just love it, shooting aliens, twisting and turning.  It can get busy but you have the option to single rider which we often do and you often still get to ride in the same car – love, love, love it – suitable for all the family.

Around the circuit you will then come to The Simpsons – this is a really well themed simulator ride.  I loved the theming but unfortunately I don’t really agree with simulators – I felt really sick and dizzy afterwards – my friend Kathryn had to sit for half an hour with a full fat drink to recover!

After the Simpsons you move round to the children friendly area – Woody Woodpecker’s Nutty Rollercoaster, Animal Actors and Barney shows, Curious George’s Playground (a great place for kids to cool down (bring spare clothes)) and ET – an absolute gorgeous ride, where when queuing you get the real feel of the film and can smell the fir trees – before boarding your bikes – brilliant.

Moving on you can view the Terminator 2 3D film.

It is a great park – there are lots of food opportunities, shopping opportunities, character opportunities – it’s quite funky and cool, easy to navigate and worth a visit.



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