Islands of Adventure – Universal, Orlando

Next door to Universal Studios you will find Islands of Adventure.  This is a really great theme park – particularly for teens and adults, the best park for roller coasters and now home to the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

We usually go left straight into Marvel Super Hero Island and get straight on The Incredible Hulk “This time, I think we are going to make it!”  Just next to the entrance/exit to this ride is the Storm Force Acceleration – a waltzer ride – ok for later in the day if the queues are long on the other rides.  Next you will see Dr Doom’s Fearfall – I can’t say too much about this because I’ve never ridden it!  Moving round you come to Spiderman – a brilliant ride and apparently currently closed for improvements – can’t wait to try it when we are next over.  If you time your visit right you might also get to see Spiderman in person (you can have photos) and/or Captain America (nice!!)

From here you move round to Toon Lagoon where you will find Plutos bilge rat barges and Dudley Do Rights Ripsaw Falls – the best ever water ride – I laugh so much on this ride and you get absolutely drenched – awesome.  Next it’s on to Jurassic Park.  Opposite this ride there is the Pteranadon Flyers – I’ve never been able to go on these because I haven’t had a small child to ride with.  From here over the draw bridge and you arrive at Harry Potter land!!

Harry Potter has 3 rides – a more junior roller coaster – Flight of the Hippogriff, the old dueling dragons – now called the Dragon Challenge – a leg dangler!! and of course the main attraction Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.  I wouldn’t want to spoil the ride but it is fair to say it is a unique ride – you can go single rider and avoid some queues, and the queues are still fairly long unless you get there first thing.  To me this ride is like a cross between Spiderman and Soarin’.  There is much much more in Harry Potter land – the theming is breathtaking – down to the snow on the roof tops, you can sample some good British fare including Shepherd’s Pie, you can also sample Butter beer and you can go to Ollivanders and choose your very own wand – a fantastic addition to an already brilliant park and now a reason why many visitors are going for the first time.

You finish your circuit in Seuss land.  Another extremely well themed area, very popular with younger children as it is full of rides for them and is often visited by the Cat in the Hat himself.  In this area there is a carousel, a trolley ride in the sky, a fish ride (similar to Dumbo) and the cat in the hat ride.

As well as the rides there are some shows including Sinbad and Poseidon’s Fury.  There are lots of places to eat and souvenirs to buy but essentially this park is all about  the rides.

We usually manage to cover both parks in one day and therefore buy a 2 park, 1 day ticket.  You will be tired and exhilarated at the end of the day!


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