Hard Rock Cafe, Universal City Walk, Orlando

Whenever we visit Universal/IOA our preferred lunch/tea location is the Hard Rock Cafe.   It’s the biggest in the world, modelled on the Coliseum.  Not just a cafe also a Hard Rock Live venue.  Theming is abundant – a car sticks out of the exterior wall as well as a full size car dangling from the ceiling inside.  The cafe holds more pieces of rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia than any other location and some very famous items from the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley to name just a few.

Portions are large and American in style.  Hubby usually has the grilled veggie sandwich while I favour the Chicken club sandwich.  Alternatively we will have the burger – grilled to your liking.  The onion rings are great and there is a brilliant selection of beverages.
It gives you a great break from the parks, in the air con, recharging your batteries to head back for more.  You will be full though so maybe go to a show while your stomach settles and not straight back onto one of the coasters!
Souvenir shop has plenty on offer – loads of t-shirts, caps, glasses etc.

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