Seaworld – Orlando

Seaworld is a really easy going theme park as the emphasis is on showcasing the marine life.  That said there are also roller coasters here to ride.

So what are our favourite things to do?  We usually head straight round towards Turtle point and then on to Stingray Lagoon.  You are able to feed the stingrays if you wish – we  love to, you have to buy your food but we can stand for ages and just watch them glide round.  From here you swiftly arrive at Dolphin Cove where again you can feed the dolphins.  This was a real highlight for my niece and I.  However, it is a bit of a staged queuing nightmare, you can only feed them at specific times, you have to queue to get your food and pay and then only those in your party who are feeding the dolphins are allowed into the cove during feeding time – maximising the opportunities for Seaworld to take photos which you might then buy!  This area of the park is also where you can view the Dolphin show if you like to watch the shows, for us though we usually give this a miss and move round to see the Manatees on the way to Journey to Atlantis and Kracken.  Hold onto your hats on Atlantis – my hubby lost one of his favourite caps on this ride!  Kracken is one of the most exciting rollercoasters in Orlando (apparently – I’ve never ridden it because I am too scared!)

From here we move round to see the Penguins – I love the penguins.  Next door is the sea-lion and otter show.  WE then move on to the Wild Artic exhibit – which is a lovely exhibit featuring the polar bears and a ‘helicopter’ ride.  Shamu’s stadium is here for the Shamu show – if you are going to watch it and sit in the splash zone you will get wet – very wet.  This is where you will find Shamu’s happy harbour which is an area very popular with the younger children where my niece loves the Flying Fiddler.  Then we head back round the lagoon towards the entrance and Manta.  Manta is a lying down roller coaster – it feels really strange and the part I found most alarming was when you come to exit and you are lying down still next to the guys who are queuing to get on the ride!

I always end my visit with a trip to the Dolphin Nursery.

We have eaten at Seaworld and undoubtedly the best place was the Shark’s underwater grill and bar where you get a close up of the sharks and other fish while you are eating before you then have a walk through the shark’s encounter.


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