Clearwater Beach

An hour and a half drive from Orlando you will find Clearwater Beach.  Beautiful white sands, equipped with cabanas and chairs to rent, extremely family friendly.  The beach is lined with sidewalks with showers for when you leave the beach – signposted by turtles!  The rental for the cabana and the chairs cost $20 and was good through to 5pm.  Although it was not extremely hot – just in the 80s and did get cloudy in the afternoon the sun is still very strong, even in the cabana you do need some protection.

Lined with restaurants, surf shops and cafes you won’t go hungry or thirsty.  There are also public restrooms and plenty of trash bins.  \lifeguards are on duty and we even saw the police driving down the beach with their lights flashing.

We watched sail boats, the pirates ships, the screamer and wind surfers.  In the afternoon the beach got busier – plenty of people watching to be done.

Everyone agreed that it was a lovely day out, a good relaxing day away from the parks – all ages 8 – 43 recommended it.


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