Behind the Seeds at Epcot – The Land

Today we have been behind the seeds at Epcot – something we have thought about for a while but have never got around to doing.  There were 4 adults and our niece aged 8.  It cost $18 per adult although we were given a 15% discount for being UK tourists!

The tour takes approx. 1 hour and takes you through the greenhouses in The Land – it is a walking tour.  Our guide was Allison – an intern from Minnesota who was majoring in Biology.

We started behind the seeds in a lab looking at some of the common good and bad bugs that Disney deal with in the greenhouses.  There was a great explanation and even a dvd to show up close what she had been describing.  The children on the tour were given an opportunity to take a tube of ladybugs to release on a plant of their choice during our walking tour.

We then went into the greenhouses where we were shown all the different crops which are grown and were given thorough explanations of how they are grown and what ‘tools’ are used.  We were also shown the tanks for the fish, shrimp, eels and alligators.  Everyone was given the opportunity to feed the Tilapia which was very enjoyable.

Everyone in the party enjoyed the tour and gave it a thumbs up for a recommended extra pay activity.



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