Publix Supermarkets!

We love Publix Supermarkets – they are large enough to stock what you need but small enough so you don’t waste hours wandering round a maze of aisles!  Publix is about old fashioned values as well.  For us Brits we find it a little uncomfortable with someone else packing our bags and offering to take it to our vehicle for us, but it is great service.

Things that we love to buy from Publix – the fresh fruit – better quality than the other supermarkets I think and they do a great ready chopped fruit salad for your breakfast (way cheaper than M&S but same quality), great bakery section with lots of lovely breads, cakes and cookies.  They have a great selection of fresh fish and a much better selection of wine than the other supermarkets.  We also like the fact that there is a pharmacy with a pharmacist on site for any minor ailments and treatment recommendations.  Finally, they have a great selection of magazines!

We love Publix it is always our first stop once we get off the flight.


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