Super Target – Rolling Oaks

Our favourite large super store is Super Target at Rolling Oaks.  It is a relatively new store, always clean and easy to negotiate and generally not too busy.  It stocks everything including souvenirs, handbags, clothing, electronics, books, cds, magazines, sporting goods, toys, homeware, outdoor goods, seasonal goods and of course normal groceries from food produce to cosmetics.

At Halloween they stock great costumes, decorations and candy.  The same can be said for Christmas, Easter and Valentines Day.  After the events as well there are some really great bargains to be had the candy, for example, is often discounted by 30 – 50%.

Things that we like to buy in Target – Jelly Bellys, Bumble & Bumble hair products, Kindles and Kindle accessories, Cycling accessories, Pet goods, Maybelline make up.  My niece can spend hours browsing the ZsuZsu pets, Moshi Monsters, Monster High, Lalaloopsy and Squinkies!!

Our whole family loves Super Target.  We recommend Super Target – Rolling Oaks – it is Super!



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