Old Spanish Sugar Mill, DeLeon Springs State Park

The Old Spanish Sugar Mill in DeLeon Springs State Park is a unique dining experience – locally referred to as a little restaurant treasure, it is a grill and griddle house.  As it is located within the park you pay a $6 per car entry fee – money well spent!

We like to visit for a cook your own breakfast, cook your own as each table has a griddle set in it.  You choose your own ingredients and then get cooking.  Pancakes are the speciality – you get a pitcher of batter and then get to choose from a large selection of fillings.  Other breakfast items available include eggs, hame, sausage, bacon and home-made breads.  You can also get sandwiches and salads and delicious French Toast.  Visit the website to see the menu.  Best of all – they serve breakfast until 4pm so you don’t even have to get up early.

Not very expensive – we’ve never spent more than $10 each including food & beverage, it is great fun and a really different experience.

As it is in the State Park you can also work some of the calories off by spending time in the park afterwards – kayaks, canoes, boat tours, swimming, fishing, birdwatching and hiking trails are available.






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