Rainforest Cafe, Animal Kingdom

When we go to Animal Kingdom we love to have lunch at the Rainforest Cafe a) because we love the Rainforest Cafe environment and food and b) because it is a great way to spend an hour cooling down in the aircon.

Rainforest is popular with our whole family – my Dad likes the pot roast, my niece likes the kids hot dog meal, my hubbie likes the Veggie burger – I have tried quite a few of the menu items, they used to do an awesome crab cake sandwich that I loved and now I usually have a stir fry or burger.

The other thing I like about Rainforest is the range of beverages – they do some lovely cocktails – both alcoholic and non plus some nice wine and beer.

You can make a reservation which is recommended if there are a few of you or you want to dine at a popular time.  You can often get a seat at the bar area though if you are ravenous and just can’t wait.

The cafe itself is themed  – there are regular storms with thunder, lightning and rain.  The monkeys ‘ape’ around and beat their chests, the leopard growls and the elephants trumpet – all great fun.  My hubby loves the fish tanks with real fish swimming around.

There is another Rainforest situated at Downtown Disney.


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