Florida extremes

We landed at Sanford one Friday afternoon; first off the plane unfortunately our case wasn’t. We collected our rental car and headed down the 417 South towards Orlando. It was partly sunny and 83 degrees. We saw about 10 basking gators as we drove across Lake Jesup and then a pair of Sandhill Cranes with their chicks. Then the sky ahead of us went black. A few drops of rain landed on the windshield and then the heavens opened. The rain poured down, faster than the windscreen wipers could cope with. The lightning flashed and the thunder roared and then the hail came the size of golf balls. The temperature plummeted to 63 degrees and we turned the aircon off. The skies ahead of us started to brighten. The hail stopped, the rain slowed. We reached our exit for the 192 and the temperature had risen back to 74 degrees. The birds started singing again and you would never know about the storm – until we reached the villa and there was a hail stone melting on thedoor mat – still the size of a marble and several tears in the pool screen where the stones had come crashing down.

Florida extremes – expect the unexpected.


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