Sanford Airport

Sanford Airport is North of Orlando and takes longer to get to from the Disney area, that as far as we can see is the only downside.  Sanford Airport is so easy to negotiate – we were through immigration, the bags were already on the belt and you are then literally straight out into the Florida sun.  We rented our car from Dollar and there was no line there, the beauty of Sanford is once you have picked your rental car up you are straight out of the airport and on your way.

We wondered whether our experience on the way home would be different and I am glad to say it was not.  We found the car rental very easily – there was no queue.  They asked which airline we were flying with and gave us direction to the correct terminal – which was literally just across the road.  There was a slight queue at check in but it was well managed and moved quickly.  We then moved on to security which was also quick and well managed, then up an escalator and you are straight into the waiting lounge which has a reasonable range of shops and a better duty free than MCO.

All in all a 10/10 for Sanford


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