Lake Eola Park – Farmer’s Market

The Orlando Farmer’s Market is located downtown at Lake Eola Park.  The market is open on Sundays from 10:00-4:00.  There is a great vibe going on at the market.  Walking around the market you will see people of all ages enjoying  food, drinks and various goodies.  There is weekly entertainment in the centre court in the Beer & Wine Garden – which is a lovely shaded spot providing respite from the sun and plenty of seating to enjoy the live music.  Children get a chance to win a bag of candy floss (cotton candy) during the weekly game of musical chairs.  For the adults there is local beer, wine and mimosas on offer.

The stall holders were really friendly and approachable, and we found a real array of delicious prepared and unprepared foods, creative art pieces on offer. As my hubby is a vegetarian we loved the fresh bread, homemade pastas, and all the fresh veggies!  We tried local honey and homemade jams – hubby’s favourite was the Jalepenos honey jelly.

Lots of locals brought their dogs which made us a little bit homesick, but was lovely to see.  We were so pleased that we had chosen to visit Lake Eola Park specifically when the Farmer’s Market was on – it’s the best we’ve been to and we would recommend it to anyone who wants a break from the theme parks and a touch of local flavour.

This market is definitely one of the best I’ve ever been to, and I loved Lake Eola Park too.  If you want to sample some local culture, this is the place.

Visit for more information.


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