Fantasy of Flight

This is no ordinary museum. It is a display of working historic aircraft and those that are being restored to working conditions. It is very hands-on. Great for the whole family!  The museum takes you through early aviation, into World War I, and then into World War II. We all loved going through the B-17 bomber.

The North and South hangars have quite a collection of historic aircraft that are kept in flying condition (if possible). Amongst those, they have a number of hands on exihibits (mostly cockpits to play around in and experience) They have a kids room with hang gliding and hot air balloon simulators, though we all enjoyed them. They have naval aviation room with a corsair and static simulator.

The tram tour takes you out to their maintenance shop with the planes that are currently being maintained. You get to get out and learn about all of those planes and can find out a bit about how they’re maintained. You also go to their engine room and see all their aircraft engines that are being kept for future use in planes. They explain, with their examples, the history of aircraft engines.

The restoration tour takes you through their restoration shop and shows and tells you all about their aircraft restoration process. They are very meticulous in this as they want the aircraft to actually fly (not just look good enough to sit their) and are very into authenticity. They are masters of their craft.

They have an aircraft demonstration after lunch time. It’s great to see a historic plane actually out and flying around, just for you to see. Very cool.

The Compass Rose restaurant was nice. They have good ambiance, service, and food. They aren’t afraid to feed you. Even the kids portions were good size, which is nice with growing boys.

At the same location, they also have bi-plane flights you can take, as well a rope course/ zip-line.

If you like aircraft, this place is not to be missed!


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