How to keep your theme park ticket safe or what to do if you lose it!

My husband has laughed at me in the past for buying a lanyard and then keeping our tickets and fast passes in a clear poach round my neck – simple, accessible and stopping drama and panic when you return to the rides at the allotted time.

I have also been known to take a photocopy of the back of my park passes and passport before I leave home.  If you then lose your tickets or passport while away it may help you replace them – plus the parks will accept the photocopy of your passport as photo id.  These days I take a picture of them on my mobile phone – keeping all the information safe and accessible.  We even go a step further and take a photo of the area and line of the car park where we left the vehicle in the morning.

I’d like to say that I do all these things because I am a great planner, however, I learned to do these things the hard way.  Hubby once left his park ticket on top of the fast pass machine and we spent quite some time in Guest Services while they traced the ticket for us and printed a replacement.  Then there was the time that we had a great day in the park – probably had a little too much sun – and couldn’t remember where we had parked!  Fortunately, if this does ever happen, you should attract the attention of the security guard and tell them approximately what time you came into the park , they can then magically tell you which row you are parked in.


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