Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is designed to bring back some Hollywood glamour withe a replica Graumanns Chinese Theatre and Hollywood Brown Derby.  There are shows, street entertainment, film sets and gift shops – but the reason we love it is for 3 of the rides and at Christmas the spectacular Osborne Family Spectacular of Dancing Lights.  A word of warning though – get a fast pass for Toy Story Mania as soon as you enter the park – even if you go immediately to get a fast pass you may not get a ride time until after lunch – it is a very popular ride with long wait queues for standby – however, we think it is worth the wait for a fast pass.  The other 2 rides are next door to each other – Aerosmith Rollercoaster and Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

There are some good stunt shows – Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular and Lights,Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show.

Personally, I love the Muppet Vision 3-D because it reminds me of my childhood and watching the Muppet show on a Saturday night.

When my niece was in her princess phase she used to love the Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage.  There are also great opportunities for character meetings and photographs.  Although the park is larger than Magic Kingdom it doesn’t feel like it and we think can easily be done in half a day.

The final thing to mention is Fantasmic – a special effects spectacular which is hosted in the evening.  It is a 25 mins show which people begin to queue for and seat up to 2 hours in advance.  Personally, we don’t like it – it’s by the water and is a bug fest and we just weren’t bowled over by it.


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