Richard Petty Driving Experience

If you have ever dreamed of driving a Nascar – this is the experience for you.  There are different levels of driving experience – the experience of a lifetime ($2200) which puts you behind the wheel for 30 white knuckle laps, a 3 lap passenger-seat Race Ride ($135).

A couple of years ago I bought my husband a Rookie Experience for his Christmas Present and he went and did his experience at the Walt Disney World speedway (just outside the Magic Kingdom) on Boxing Day (26 December).    It cost $449 and consisted of driving a 600hp Nascar race car for 8 laps.    Before the actual driving you get an orientation and video, some driving instruction, mechanical and safety instruction and a mandatory driver’s meeting.  At this point you get to have your photo taken next to a NASCAR race car. Then you hear those famous words in Motorsports, “Drivers Start Your Engines!”

The actual experience lasts approximately 1 hour.  The session finished with a closing ceremony where hubby received his ‘graduation pack’.

Afterwards, he said he was pleased he had done it – a one time experience, however, he did have a massive headache from the vibrations from the track and did have to go to bed as soon as we returned home!


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