Florida Love bugs

A few September’s ago, my friend Kath and I visited Florida in September. A beautiful month to visit, hot temperatures, kids back at school, sales and no queues. Perfect. Then to our horror there was an infestation of bugs and we had no idea what they were and whether they bit!

We discovered from talking to a local that they were Love Bugs. Love Bugs are small black flies with red heads and they are HARMLESS. They do not bite or sting. Locals consider them a nuisance because the bugs congregate in large numbers and can cause quite a splatter on your windscreen (shield).

There are 2 flights per year usually May and September. Peak flying time is 10am and they continue till dusk. You will know it is Love Bugs because the female grabs onto the male and drags him around so you see 2 bugs attached together.

Once we knew we weren’t in danger we grew quite fond of them and I am hoping that my hubby might get to see them when he visits Central Florida this Fall.


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