Disney’s Animal Kingdom

On our first full day in Florida we chose to go to Animal Kingdom.  We chose it for a couple of reasons – it was a Sunday and apparently this is a quieter day at Animal Kingdom and it is one of the smaller, easier to navigate parks which closes early (to get the animals into bed) so wouldn’t be too strenuous on our first full day.

We woke early (due to the time difference from the UK) which meant we were there pretty much for opening.  Right from the beginning of the day we had a great experience, the lady on the Will Call was delightful and merrily gave my novice visitors badges to celebrate their 1st visit.  Once inside the park we headed straight for Kilimanjaro Safaris as we had heard you are most likely to see more animals earlier in the day when it is cooler – we were not disappointed.  We saw everything I think – 3 cheetahs, 2 lions, giraffes, antelope, rhino, elephants, hippos, crocodiles, an ostrich with genuine eggs.  They have changed the ride since I last went and you are no longer required to chase poachers and save the fake baby elephant which is good because the thing that made this ‘ride’ great was just seeing the animals roaming ‘wild’.

We headed to the train ride next over to Rafiki’s Planet Watch – mostly to escape the humidity that was buildig up outside and then onto Everest where we rode single rider to avoid the queues.  My friends weren’t that keen on the going backwards bit and then met most of my suggestions for the rest of the day with suspicion!

We had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe – which was well received and considered to be part of the experience of the day.

In the afternoon we did the trails, kali river rapids (which was too short apparently), dinoland and finished the day with it’s Tough to be a Bug which they loved.

The absolute highlight of the day for my friends was The Lion King Show – both said it was a must see and that it was surprisingly enjoyable.

Highly recommended by both – we all slept well that night!


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