Super Target, Rolling Oaks

We went to Super Target at Rolling Oaks on the way home from Celebration.  Just off the US192 near the junction for the toll road 429.  Part of a nationwide chain, this Target sells everything from Food to make-up, electronics and clothes.

The girls loved Super Target because it is so spacious, clean and easy to navigate.  The store also houses a pizza hut and Starbucks for any hungry children or bored husbands!

Near the entrance they have a few racks of $1 bargains – these are usually seasonal and over various visits I have picked up all sorts of bits and bobs like Snoopy stationery, The Hungry Caterpillar children’s cutlery (flatware) and a halloween pop up book.

Hubby picked up some sport sunglasses which he insists look just like Oakleys – they cost $20 so you can make up your own minds on that.

I think the baby/children’s section is particularly good.  I had been tasked with trying to source some Ellas Organic foods and Target did not disappoint with a good range of the products available.  I also managed to pick up a Burts Bees Organic cotton baby outfit and a playmat for the villa suitable for all ages.  I was in this section for so long my friends lost me and I got told off.  One of their top tips for my blog – make sure you arrange a meeting place (that’s how big the store is).  Their other comments were “it’s big and sells everything!”



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