Downtown Disney at night

So my friend had been told that we should go to Downtown Disney in the evening and she really wanted to have a cocktail while sitting out listening to live music.

We parked near the Dinosaur Restaurant and started with a browse of the Disney shops – managing to buy a number of gifts to take home.  There was live entertainment going on with a Disney Party going on in the marketplace which the kids seemed to be loving and a number of parents were also getting down to the beats.

We decided to try a frozen Margherita while sitting overlooking the lake, there were also chilled wines and beers on offer as well as soda for the driver (me).  Then we decided we wanted a hotdog which actually was very difficult to locate!  We walked all the way from the Marketplace through the live music and bars area past the Fish and Chip shop and a few shops including a very good surf clothing and shoe shop.  We then went past Planet Hollywood and the Disney balloon ride, along to the House of Blues and Disney Quest.  Still no hot dogs so we decided to try our first ever Weiner pretzel!  Sort of like a hot dog sausage roll.  We ate these outside while listening to live music – a couple of guys on guitars – very good.

All in all we had a great couple of hours at Downtown Disney – it is a safe and entertaining place in the evening for all ages.  There are lots of restaurants – we had eaten at lunchtime – and lots of bars.  Lots of shops – not just Disney themed and also a large cinema which seems to now do eat in dining – which we haven’t tried yet.

Another thumbs up from the girls and a tick in the box for having a cocktail while listening to live music.


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