Seaworld, Orlando

After establishing that my friend would not go on any of the rides at Islands of Adventure after I allegedly tricked her onto Everest at Animal Kingdom, we decided that Seaworld was more up her street so we set off to Seaworld.

We saved time by  using the Self Service ticket machines and cut the queues (lines).  Once inside we grabbed a map and headed straight to the Dolphin Nursery.   What a start to the day.  There were quite a few dolphins with babies of different ages and they were really enjoying the attention.  They kept popping up out of the water looking directly at us and they were jumping out of the water – we spent a good while just watching them playing and watching us – plenty of photo opportunities.

From there we headed over to the kiddie section – where my friend took her life in her own hands and rode Shamu’s Express – apparently, it is not just for children – it is for adults too!!  She rode on the front sheet and enjoyed it.

Next we went to the Wild Artic and waited for the helicopter ride to open.  We decided  to take the rocky ride and given my time again, I would have taken the other ride as I felt quite nauseous afterwards!  We enjoyed seeing the Beluga Whales.

We headed to Shamu’s stadium ready for the first show of the day.  I’m not that keen on the animal shows but as my friends wanted to see it we went along.  We decided to sit outside of the splash zone and had a good view of the orcas and the screens.  As we waited for the show to begin, the dark clouds were gathering in the distance and sure enough 10 mins into the show it was ‘paused’ due to the inclement weather in the area.  Seaworld started to show a video while the audience waited for the show to recommence.

We decided to cut our losses and went across to the Underwater Shark Grill to have some lunch.  I had the tempura shrimp with sticky rice and a bottle of bud light – awesome.  We had a lovely server and while we were there in the dry watching the fish we could hear the thunder and lightning outside.  After a lovely meal we donned our ponchos and set off round the park.

Pets Ahoy was open and an indoor show – not sure if the audience is usually that big on a sunny day but we did enjoy the show where all the ‘performers’ are rescue animals which as the proud mummy of a rescue cat and dog at home in the UK I thought was very commendable and was something that I hadn’t previously known about Seaworld.

Next I learned how to feed a Ray – amazing, I had no idea there mouths were on their tummies.  It cost $5 for a tray of shrimp to feed to them.  They are really friendly and you can stroke them in the water for free without having to feed them – but I really enjoyed it.

Afterwards my friends went to Dolphin Cove to feed the Dolphins – $7 for a tray of fish.  There are alloted feeding times and the birds start to queue up on the roof of the feed station.  I didn’t feed the Dolphins so I could take some photos of my friends – there are official Seaworld photographers but you are not guaranteed that they will capture you.

So despite the inclement weather in the afternoon (we got good value out of our $1 emergency ponchos that day) we had a great day.  We recommend it for all ages, especially young children and seniors!


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