The next day I took the girls for a real treat at Walmart! We go to the super size one on US27 just north of the 192. It sells just about everything and is open 24 hours.

We spent 2 hours just mooching round the store. Things to note, there is an International food section if you just can’t survive without PG tips or Cadburys. The hot food counter is very good although the girls said I had to mention the grumpy chicken man. It’s great for cheaper Disney souvenirs and all kinds of t-shirts. We bought some Halloween costumes. There is a good pharmacy and big electricals section.

Good things to buy – water to take in the parks; ponchos; spray fans; underwater camera if you are going to the water parks.

When we were paying it took a while as our server, Lisa, was very chatty and interested in the English culture.

Something that’s good to know – if you buy something keep the receipt and if you have any problems you can return the item to an Asda back in the UK. We had to do this once with a laptop and had no problems getting a refund.


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