Longhorn Steakhouse

As hubby is a vegetarian I have never been able to experience a good Florida steak, until I visited with the girls.

A friend (another frequent visitor) recommended the Longhorn Steakhouse saying it was a bit fancier than the usual Texas steakhouse and suggesting we try either the Salmon or the Ribs.

Given that we were at the Steakhouse we ignored her advice and all chose to have a Sirloin Steak which you could order to your taste with a side and a salad or you could change your salad to an alternative side – excellent.    The menu was highly informative with details of the different cuts of steak available, the different sizes and the recommended level of cooking for each cut. 

As we waited for our mains, lovely fresh herby bread kept us going.  We also chose to have the signature steak sauce made at the table with delicious aromas of orange and rosemary – highly recommended.   There was also a good wine and beer selection – we chose a beautiful Californian Zinfandel.

Overall the girls said it was ‘a must for all steak lovers, with great service and a good ambience’.  They loved the theming and the fact that there was loads of choice and they also gave a thumbs up to the very clean restrooms (a must for all ladies). 



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