Serengeti Safari at Busch Gardens

As you’ve probably guessed from reading my blogs by now, I’m not keen to pay for additional ‘tours’ at the theme parks as I feel you already spend quite enough once you’ve paid for your parking, tickets and refreshments.  There are a couple of exceptions to my rule and one of these is the Serengeti Safari at Busch Gardens.

A few years ago now, myself and a friend  paid the extra to take this safari – I think it is currently about $34 – and it was the best day of my holiday.  It is a 30 minute excursion where you board the back of a flat-bed truck and go out onto the Serengeti Plains to meet and feed some of the residents. 

The tours can sell our very quickly so it is definitely worth booking in advance.  We did but as it was off-peak we were lucky that there were only about 3 other people on our tour.  On the day we went we met Dolly the giraffe and she stole my heart – she is still the screen saver on my pc – I loved her.  We were able to feed her and other giraffes with lettuce and got a good close up of her face – what gorgeous long eyelashes she had.  We were also really fortunate in getting to feed the Bongos – apparently they are very shy and don’t like the heat but it was February and a bit overcast so they came out to our truck to socialise. 

As well as feeding the animals we also got to drive round the savannah and were shown and taught about the other animals and their habitat/diet etc.  It was really fascinating.  There were baby rhino and zebras too.

Still Dolly for me was the star of the show.  I would not hesitate in recommending this tour or it taking it again myself.  Children must be at least 5 and 5-15s have to be accompanied by an adult.

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