Posner Park

Posner Park is on the US27 near to the I4 exit 55.  It’s about 7 miles from our villa on Tuscan Hills and we really love it.

What of the key loves about Posner Park is there is loads of free parking.  The stores are really spread out so you do actually need to drive between each one, but you won’t have to carry any purchases too far.

There are many different stores here including Dollar Tree, Ross, JC Penney, Super Target, Pet Smart, Books a Million, Best Buy and Staples.  Our favourite and most visited store is Dick’s Sporting Goods – it sells everything for all kinds of sports and often has good sales. 

The Super Target store is great and sells most items such as clothes, toys, household goods, sports equipment, stationery, and they also have a groceries department and a garden centre.   We recently found it very useful when visiting with our god-daughter who was 8 months at the time, Super Target had the best stock of Ella’s Organic baby food!  I always get lost in the make-up aisle taking home more nail polishes and have also been known to stock up on Bumble and Bumble hair products while there.  They have a vast array of candy including an aisle of Jelly Bellys at prices much reduced to what we pay in the UK.  We find that Target is usually quite quiet, much less hectic than the Walmart in the other direction down the US27. 

JC Penney is a medium sized department store, which has a Sephora inside.  I usually stock up on linens, towels and bedding which again are a better quality and cheaper than at home.  I have also had some great bargains from here including pool/beach towels and t-shirts to take home as souvenirs. 

Books a Million – has lots of books but more besides.  There is an on site coffee shop, loads of magazines, lots of stationery and cards plus games and nik naks.

Dick’s Sporting Goods is a massive sports shop, stocking goods for all ages and interests.  There are camping/hunting goods, canoeing and kayaking goods, swimming accessories, clothing for running, walking, hiking, tennis, golf, biking.  Loads of shoes/trainers/socks.  Cycling accessories, boxing accessories, exercise machines, golf equipment etc etc.  We have also found it is a good place to buy memorabilia for the local sports teams e.g. UCF Knights, Gators, Orlando Magic.  Highly recommended, you can easily lose an hour in here so it is a good job they also have restrooms at the back of the store.

There are some eateries at Posner Park too.  We have used the Subway and also visited Cici’s Pizza – where they offer a 20 item pizza spread (all made fresh every hour) plus salad, pasta and a couple of desserts.  Great service and quality at a great price.

We love Posner Park – it is easy and usually a lot quieter than the other shopping outlets, it has lots to offer and is definitely worth a visit.




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