Christmas Day in Orlando

One year we flew out to Orlando on Christmas Day – we were worried that when we landed everything would be shut but we shouldn’t have worried.

We flew from Gatwick with BA and the flight was fabulous.  The crew really made an effort they had the seasonal headgear and the pilot gave a running commentary on how we were doing in our race with Santa.  On landing at Orlando International the airport staff and security were professional but in the holiday spirit and there was a fantastic Christmas tree in the terminal.

The roads were quiet but when we got to the 192 area there was plenty of life – most of the restaurants were open, gas stations and some gift shops.

Florida at Christmas is even more magical than usual – it is odd for us Brits taking in tinsel and Christmas trees in beautiful sunshine.

A word of warning though – Christmas week in Orlando is the busiest week of the year so there are queues – everywhere.  The roads are busy, the parks are extraordinarily busy – the car parks get full, the outlets are full – so my advice is go early – get to the parks before opening and go on your favourite rides before the park gets busy.

Don’t let it put you off though, it is a fantastic time to visit, just be prepared.


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