Dine in Cinema – Fork & Screen

At Downtown Disney the AMC cineplex now includes 6 dine in auditoriums – where they serve meals and drinks while you watch!!  1 of the 6 dine in theatres also has upgraded seats.  In all there are 24 screens at the cinema and 6000 seats.  They also have an enhanced theatre experience which is a larger screen with 3D.

Called ‘Fork & Screen’ – the menu at the dine in theatre includes starters like wings, potato skins and onion rings, then there are salads, fish and chips, chicken pasta, sandwiches and burgers.  There are also desserts (our favourite is the New York cheesecake), alcohol – wine, beer and cocktails – all delivered at the push of a button.  Under 18s have to be accompanied by an adult for dine in theatre.

Ticket prices vary from $6 – $20 dependent on the show, food and drink.    Some films also charge extra for added features e.g. 3D, larger screens, enhanced sound.  A top tip though you can save $2 per adult on tickets by going before 3.55pm so if you are looking for something to do on a stormy afternoon, this could be just the ticket.



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