Cupcake Delights – Mount Dora

Tonight my blog is just about Cupcake Delights in Mount Dora.  I have mentioned it briefly before in blogs about Mount Dora but today I am only talking about this little cupcake shop which is my personal favourite.

Cupcake Delights opened in November, 2007 I’ve been visiting ever since, every time I go to Florida I squeeze a little trip in.  When I have my parents or parents-in-law with me, I take them on a Thursday as over 55s can buy cupcakes for $2 each.  Located at 112 E. Fifth Ave. just across from Donnelly Park, you can’t miss it because it is pink!

The cupcakes are beautifully fresh and lovely and moist.  Don’t go too late in the day though because when they are gone, they are gone!

There are a number of signature cupcakes which are available every day, and then a selection of others which are rotated.  The signature flavours include carrot cake (Kathryn’s favourite), classic buttercream, chocolate buttercream, coconut dream (my Mum’s favourite), cream cheese and red velvet.

Some of the cupcakes on rotation include: Banana Cream Pie, Banana Split, Boston Cream, Butterfinger, Butter Pecan (Hubby’s favourite), Cappuccino Delight, Chocolate Caramel Chunk, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Madness, Cookies & Cream (just one of my favourites), Key Lime Delight (my Dad’s favourite), Wedding Cake (another of my favourites) and then there are some seasonal flavours!!  One year we were there around Halloween and I had a pumpkin spice which came complete with a little individual gingerbreak person – yum yum.

Go to for more information and photos!

112 E. FIFTH AVE.  |  MOUNT DORA, FL 32757  |  PHONE (352) 383-2200


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