Theme Park Tickets for Orlando (for the Brits)

I’m writing today’s blog for the Prossers who are due to go to Florida at Easter.

First thing to say is be realistic about the tickets you need and the type of ticket you need – for example you won’t need a 14 day Disney ticket and the Orlando Flex Ticket Plus in a 2 week holiday.

Secondly, we always buy our theme park tickets in advance, not at the park – you will save time and money doing it this way.  We’ve also find it can help you to budget for your holiday and have quite often bought some theme park tickets each month prior to our holiday (time allowing)

Disney tickets – you can get some ticket options that are just for UK travellers, however, for us we tend to buy on the US english website so we can ‘magic our way’ to exactly what we need.  You need to know how many days you want to visit, whether you want to visit more than 1 park a day (park hop) and whether you want to pay a premium for non expiry tickets – this option can be useful if you have every intention of coming back to Florida as you could deliberately buy more days at this year’s price but use them on years to come.  If you don’t pay for the non expiry your tickets will expire 14 days after first use.

You can use Guest Services at Downtown Disney to save time and queuing if you ened to buy Disney tickets in Orlando or exchange vouchers for tickets.

Next thing to know/remember.  You don’t pay for children under 3 years old to go into the parks.  Child prices are applicable for ages 3-9, 10 upwards are considered adults.

Next on to the other parks.  The Orlando FlexTicket provides 14 days consecutive days to both Universal parks, Wet and Wild, Seaworld and Aquatica.

For Universal you need to select from 1, 2, 3, 4 or 7 day tickets for either 1 park or both parks.  Buy in advance and you will save money – look out in the UK for Universal’s 2 and 3 Park Bonus tickets.

Where to buy your tickets – we usually buy direct from the websites, at today’s exchange rates we elect to pay in US dollars.  There are specialist websites – a few that some of our guests have used include:

Finally, please don’t be attracted by the ‘too good to be true’ offers that you will see advertised in restaurants, gas stations at ‘tourist information’ offices – these are not genuine tickets and may not be accepted at the turnstiles.  Some are genuine tickets but you have to waste half a day of your holiday viewing timeshare apartments.


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