Florida characters (real people)

In Epcot the other day I was engaged in conversation with a ‘cast member’ who I will name ‘Ray’.  Ray told me that there were some mad tourists sitting round the pool – he thought they were crazy as he was still wearing his thermals – although he might take them off soon – I did say not now – and he said not right now!

Ray then advised me that he had been told he was not to fraternise with the guests as he ‘revealed too much’.  That said he then proceeded to tell me that often the seagulls didn’t move before the monorail arrived – bye bye seagull!!  Ray named by us as he was a real ray of sunshine!!

The next ‘character’ was the Florida State Trooper that we saw on duty at the WDW road works last night.  He was sitting in his unmarked Dodge Charger with his lights on to draw attention so vehicles moved lanes.  As we drew level I realised that he was busy changing his status on his facebook page – hard work policing at Disney obviously!

Our final characters for today were the Tampa Bay Rowdie fans who starting fighting amongst themselves in the 2nd half and ended up with the Orlando Police arriving to break it up and removing a couple of the fans.


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