Nice restaurants/bars/shops – Sand Lake

This visit we took a recommendation to try a restaurant with an outside patio bar in the Sand Lake area – this is exit 74a off the I4 where Sand Lake Road crosses with International Drive and is the Dr Phillips area.

We went to Bravo and went through the restaurant to the outside patio/bar area.  It was about 6pm and it was happy hour – there was a great selection of cocktails/wine for $5 and also some bar bites for $3.95.  You were also able to order off the full menu.

We tried the Pinot Grigio (very nice) a Blue Moon beer (apparently also good) and then I had a Burger off the bar bite menu – which was good quality and had chips with it.  My other half had a Verduta Pizza and our friend had the Crispy Mozzarella Ravioli off the appertiser menu.  They both then tried some dessert – Tota Di Cioccolata and Layered Chocolate Cake.

It was very popular with regulars and workers on the way home.  We had a great view of the crossroads and could see what was going on, there was also a large Barnes & Noble just across the road.

A lovely way to spend a few hours in the early evening.  We will certainly go back to this area and try other restaurants and bars in the future, and obviously return to Bravo


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