Magic Kingdom FastPass+

Different way of working the FastPass+ at Magic Kingdom as you can choose any 3 rides for your FastPass+ booking – they are not put into 2 groups like we experienced at Hollywood Studios and Epcot.  We chose Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear.  One thing I would say is that since the introduction of the FastPass+ system we have noticed that the ‘standby’ wait times have increased for ALL rides – even the ones you probably don’t want to do normally, but do as they have short wait times e.g. It’s a Small World!!    Also, yesterday which was a ‘quiet’ day at Magic Kingdom the FastPass return queue for Space Mountain was half way across Tomorrowland – something we have never witnessed with the old system

I think Disney has some fine tuning to do with the FastPass+ system yet – it will be interesting to see what happens.

We also had a very poor experience at Cosmic Ray’s food outlet in Tomorrowland.  We ordered from the Burger menu – nothing fancy just a veggie burger and a regular burger with no cheese.  It took 20 mins to come – 20 mins.  Other people who ordered and paid after us came and went.  I asked to see the Manager and we were refunded for our meals, however, the experience was very poor and not what we would want or expect of Disney.

The crowds started to reduce after the fireworks and we found that it was much less crowded watching the 2nd Electrical Light Parade than the first.


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