The Inaugural Disney Princess Enchanted 10k

Prior to the race you have to go to ESPN Wide World of Sports to register and collect your bib number, jersey and directions.  It is always well organised and this year was no exception.  You collected your bib number and official event guide first and then head over to the Expo to collect your bag, jersey and safety pins.  There are numerous stands selling running items and also the official merchandise stand.  As you head out there are talks etc that you can also join.

So a 3.30am start this morning to drive to Epcot for the Inaugural Disney princess Enchanted 10k run.  The race started at 5.30am and participants were released in one of five corrals according to their predicted mile time.  Before the race begins there is a great build up with photographers, DJ, celebrities and of course the Fairy Godmother and fireworks to start the proceedings.

Having done the Epcot 5k and the Half Marathon a few times, I thought I would try the 10k out as it was the inaugural event and because I love Epcot.  It was billed by the Disney employees as going around all 11 countries of the world – but that is not the case.  The course takes you through the Epcot parking lot out onto the surrounding road ways and then back down into Epcot.  We entered the world showcase at about Germany and then headed round to just before the UK where we then diverted off into The Boardwalk.  Today was 98% humidity and a bit misty while still being 21 degrees – a little different from the training environment in the UK in February!  The view was great and it’s not often you get to see Epcot like that, however, I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed that we didn’t go round the whole world.  You finish off coming back into Epcot from the Boardwalk and then go round a lot of the back route/roadways until you pop out near the globe run underneath it and then head back to the Finish line in the parking lot.

Along the way there are lots of character opportunities, plenty of restrooms, medical tents, water stops and enthusiastic supporters – it is a lovely friendly event to take part in.

Overall, I would recommend it and I would say if you are even only slightly sporty and happen to be in Florida when one of the Disney runs are on then have a go – the Bling is fantastic!


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