Toll Roads in Florida

As you travel along the toll roads at first it can be a little confusing as there are different coloured signs – blue and yellow. We have come to realise that the blue toll signs signify a toll that you will have to pay as you exit the toll road, yellow toll signs are tolls which are payable on the road that you are driving along.

Always ensure you have some coins as some unmanned toll stations only take coins and there is no attendant to provide change. If you get really stuck there is usually an envelope which you can take to make payment through the post, ensure you know exactly the time, place and amount of toll required to settle your debt.

Florida is one of the states that has the most tolls – there is a Wiki page which details all the tolls and if you use map quest to map your journeys this will advise you where to expect the tolls.

If you are going to travel a lot along toll roads during your vacation/stay you may want to consider purchasing a sun pass as it could save you money, however, in our experience for an average 2 week holiday you are better off paying as you go – unless the car rental facility is offering a deal on the sun pass when you collect your hire car.


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