Park Hopper or not to Park Hopper?

You have the option to add a park hopper options to your Disney tickets for a little more cost but less than the cost of another full day ticket.

The advantage is that you can do 2 (or more) parks in a day, good option if you have a limited number of days in Orlando and are desperate to ride certain rides in certain parks, or just want to experience all the different Disney parks.  You only pay for parking once as well – just keep your receipt.

However, we- Jon don’t rate the park hopper option.  This is mainly because it can take you quite a while to get between parks – we tried it again last year, doing half a day in Epcot and then a half day at Epcot as there is a monorail between the two.  We found that we had to get one monorail to the transportation centre and then a 2nd monorail to Magic Kingdom.  It also took a long time to get between the two.  Accessing Magic Kingdom (if you are staying outside the Disney accommodations) is the slowest anyway, as you have to park, get the tram to the transportation centre and then get either the ferryboat or the monorail – so allow an hour to get in after you have ‘entered’ the gates to the car park.  It then also takes a while to get between them and don’t forget every time you re-enter the park you have to queue back up for the bag checks and go back through the entrance stiles – a bit of a mare and on the day we did it another good hour lost!  With the new Fastpass+ system you can only have 3 fast passes per day so once you have used them then you won’t have the option to do it again at the next park.

For us, the best advice is to get to the park for opening, make the most of the Fastpass+ option and have a break in the middle of the day by the pool if you need to – you only pay for parking once, so you could have a chill and lunch by the pool and then head back for the evening with fireworks etc if you wanted to.

Park Hopper or not to Park Hopper?  We say Not!





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